Click above for a high-res gallery of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept

There are pie-in-the-sky concept cars and then there are coming-to-a-showroom-near-you concept cars. The Alfa MiTo GTA is the latter, and from what we've seen that's a good thing, especially as Fiat's new partnership with Chrysler may herald Alfa Romeo's return to North America at long last. Although Alfa is billing the MiTo GTA unveiled here at the Geneva Motor Show as a concept, company spokesmen say it should hit production later this year. And when it does, the 230-hp turbo four – displayed separately on Alfa's show stand – should stay, but we'd expect the racing buckets with rear-anchored harnesses to give way to four seats. The jury's still out on the carbon-fiber body panels and tarmac-chomping front air dam and rear diffuser, but so far we like what we see. The folks at Renaultsport and John Cooper Works have cause to feel otherwise, but we'll let you make up your own mind after viewing the photos in the gallery below.

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