Geneva 2009: Bleu Centenaire is every bit as special as any other Bugatti Veyron

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Bugatti Veyron Blue Centenaire

Given the level of bespoke specification that is part-and-parcel with the Bugatti Veyron ordering experience, we doubt there have ever been two identical cars built. As such, each example is something of a one-off, and by this rationale, the Bleu Centenaire is, paradoxically, just another Veyron.

Pre-show rumors of a massive power infusion and a stratospheric 270 mile-per-hour vMax have proven to be utterly unfounded, as the BC's drivetrain is standard Veyron fare. The changes, then, essentially amount to cosmetic paint-and-trim, but to be fair, the Blue Centenaire does look quite fetching in its mix of matte and glossy blue paint.

Sadly, however, any reclaiming of the top speed title from Shelby SuperCars will evidently have to wait.

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