eBay Find of the Day: '85 Camaro IROC Z28 with four miles, mullet not included

Click above for a gallery of the 1985 Camaro IROC-Z on eBay

If you were able to suddenly don a mullet and hop in Doc Brown's time machine to travel back to the year 1985, you'd find that the pinnacle of affordable performance was available at your local Chevy dealership in the form of the Camaro IROC-Z. This was the first year that the Z was offered, and though this particular example seems to be equipped with the 4-barrel 305 and a five-speed stick, the IROC was the first Camaro to get the Tuned Port Injection engine, which displaced 305 cubic inches and offered up an impressive-for-the-day 215 horsepower, hooked up to a four-speed automatic transmission. Other uplevel bits included 16" 5-spoke alloy rims and meaty 245/50ZR16 tires cribbed from the Corvette.

Here we are in 2009, and most of these cars were snatched up by young, hot-headed male drivers once they hit the used market, meaning that nearly all of the Z's still on the road are in less-than-stellar condition. Fortunately, eBay has come to the rescue once again with an auction for a factory-fresh '85 IROC with just 4.3 miles on the odometer. Most of the parts are there, minus the stock set of wheels and tires, but the car has been sitting for the last 23 years inside a warehouse of some sort. Perhaps it's a gem underneath all that dust and muck, but expect to perform lots of hard work if you actually want to make it drivable again.

The current bid is well over $15K and the reserve has not yet been reached. We're not sure what an untouched '85 IROC is really worth, but apparently it's a bit more that we'd have guessed. Check out our gallery below and click here for the original auction page, and just to get you in the proper mood, we've included a couple of period Camaro commercials after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Charles!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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