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Just the other day, we first learned about the new NH2 fuel cell tractor from New Holland, and today we've got a video of the emissionless machine in action. Thinking back on the few times we've actually piloted a tractor (and never anything quite this large), one previously unmentioned benefit to this design is that it looks extremely easy to drive. There are no gear changes and no clutch to concern yourself with and the machine moves about with nary a sound, though the same could be said of a battery-powered electric tractor as well.

A look under the stubby hood reveals a very large hydrogen tank and fuel cell stack. The idea behind using a fuel cell in a tractor is that farmers could use renewable energy to extract hydrogen from water using electrolysis. Again, the same renewable energy could either power an electric tractor or one running on biofuels. Another problem with the current design is that there's only enough hydrogen storage to run the tractor for a few hours. Perhaps generation 2, which is already under development, will solve that potential problem. Thanks for the tip, Sorin!

[Source: Farmers Weekly via Youtube]


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