It seems that no amount of controversy will prevent SLP (Street Legal Performance) from launching its latest Firehawk, this time based on the Pontiac G8 GT. Prior to this model, all previous Firehawk packages were fitted to the Firebird, a fact that has a number of SLP purists rather upset. Before we get to the specifications, perhaps we should remind Firebird fans that it could be worse: At least they didn't choose to revive the Firehawk name on a version of the new Camaro, right?

As for the car, it sounds like a pretty nice package. To the stock V8 engine, SLP adds a supercharger that's similar to the one featured on the jaw-dropping Corvette ZR1, a stainless exhaust system and a cold air induction system. All that's good for an impressive 500 horsepower. Other mods include new 19-inch alloys painted up in gun metal gray and a sport suspension package. The car's most striking design element will surely be the flat black-painted hood, grille surrounds and rear spoiler – an obvious nod to the factory gaudiness of muscle cars from the late '60s and early '70s.

Aside from the Firehawk name, the biggest issue that's likely to inhibit future SLP G8 ownership is surely the price. To the stocker's $32,440 base price, the SLP package adds a substantial $18,995, plus an extra $4,995 for an upgraded brake kit. For that kind of money, buyers could very nearly opt for a Cadillac CTS-V and be rewarded with its amazing supercharged 6.2L V8 engine and 556 horsepower. Still want one? Check back with your favorite local Pontiac dealer on April 1st. No foolin'.

[Source: SLP via GM Inside News]


Toms River, NJ - Firehawk, arguably one of the most legendary names in the history of Pontiac Muscle Cars is again united with a vehicle worthy of that unique badge: the 2009 G8-GT based Firehawk. Produced and available at SLP Performance Parts, Inc. (SLP), and select Pontiac dealerships nationwide, Firehawk offers the all-around powertrain performance, superior handling and braking, with headturning styling and value, true to its distinctive nameplate.

Following in the footsteps of SLP's famed Firebird Firehawk is a daunting challenge. But one test drive will convince skeptics that the 2009 Supercharged Firehawk has recaptured and refined the special magic of the first generation Firehawk.

Available only on the 2009 G8 GT in any factory color, the Supercharged Firehawk's performance and curb appeal are enhanced by a positive displacement supercharger, using the same technology as the supercharger GM supplies on the new ZR-1 Corvette, and highlighted by an aggressively styled flat-black painted hood treatment, reminiscent of early Muscle Cars.

To compliment Firehawk's front-end appearance, the rear deck lid spoiler benefits from subtle but effective styling revisions, including a flat black paint finish. Helping transfer Firehawk's power-to-thepavement are Bridestone's P245/40R19 Potenza RE050A Pole Position tires* and the lightweight Firehawk 19"x8" 5-spoke alloy wheels.

*Note: These tires are required for the Firehawk alteration and are included with Pontiac's RPO Code PDX – Sport Package.

Throughout Firehawk's development process, our objective was to engineer the very highest quality performance, handling and braking improvements that would provide the performance enthusiast with a well-balanced package. Not only will Firehawk outperform its competition, it's built to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Depending on the driver, road surface conditions and outside air temperature, the Supercharged Firehawk will generate 0-60 mph times of 4.3 seconds and 1/4 mile times of 12.6 seconds @ 115 mph, based on preliminary testing.

Every Firehawk begins life as a Pontiac G8 GT. When Firehawk production begins on April 1, 2009, G8 GTs are shipped to SLP's Toms River, NJ facility where they will be converted into Supercharged Firehawks, dyno-tested, and available for pick up or delivery.

Firehawk Standard Content Includes:

• SLP TVS 1900 500 HP Series Supercharger Package
• SLP PowerFlo® Stainless Steel Exhaust System
• SLP Blackwing® Cold Air Induction System
• SLP Sport Suspension Package
• Flat Black Painted Hood and Grille Surrounds
• Painted Lower Fascia Grille Inserts (Body Color)
• SLP Rear Spoiler Painted Flat Black
• Firehawk 19" 5-spoke, Gun Metal Painted Alloy Wheels w/Machined Spoke Face and Firehawk Logo Center Caps
• Firehawk Badges
• Firehawk Car Cover
• Firehawk Leather (faux) Portfolio
• Firehawk Birth Certificate
• Firehawk Numbered Dash Plaque and Key Fobs (2)
• Firehawk Floor Mats
• Firehawk Embroidered Headrests

Optional Firehawk Content:

• Competition Brake Package

For more information on how to order a Firehawk, contact SLP at (810) 724-8703 or email

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