Photo by sarahgoldsmith. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

The days of the SUV carnivals are over. The motor press in the UK is engaged in a debate on the social acceptability of SUVs. Which? Car recently posted a story asking if it was time to ditch the 4x4 (the UK term for SUVs. The Association of British Drivers wasn't about to stand for that and fired back with a press release (pasted after the jump) that said that Which? Car's claim that gas-guzzling SUVs "are becoming socially unacceptable - unless you are a farmer" was an "insensitive and unjustified comment" that was in appropriate given the economic downturn (seriously). The ABD continues defending SUVs by saying they can be used for many tasks and says that the anti-SUV rhetoric is based on "left-wing envy of anyone who has the ability to choose to run a relatively expensive car, and generally they object to any car that saves people from having to use public transport." Read the whole thing after the jump, and remember, the Association of British Drivers pretty much called Al Gore a Nazi.

[Source: Which? Car, Association of British Drivers]

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