SUVs "environmentally friendly" at SUV Summer Carnival

Apparently love for one's SUV crosses all borders.

Last weekend, SUV owners and supporters met in Taipei, Taiwan, then marched or drove from Bingjian Street to Katagelan Boulevard. They were protesting a new law that fined owners $72 or more for illegally modified vehicles; the marchers felt it discriminated against them since the local vehicle supervision offices measured their vehicles differently. Interestingly, several SUV supporters stated that their vehicles' raised chassis, large tires and wheels, and other mods were useful in preserving the environment. States Chen Shu-ching, who organized the parade, "we [SUV owners] are by no means destroyers of the environment. We are often the first ones who come to the rescue whenever there is an emergency situation."

While we at Autoblog Green can understand protesting unfair rules and standards, we have to admit claiming an SUV is 'environmentally-friendly' is a bit of stretch.

[Source: Taipei Times, photo by Wang Yi-Sung]

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