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We've seen some crazy automotive rebody attempts in our time, but the GTR350 from Ride Cars in the UK has got to take the cake as the oddest. If you wanted a "Gone in 60 Seconds" Eleanor replica, why would you go to the trouble of (poorly) recreating the Mustang shape when there are literally thousands of the original pony cars still available and in good shape? It's true that the GTR features a mid-engine design, but it's based on a Toyota MR2, – a fine car in its own right, but hardly the pinnacle of supercar performance.

In any case, here we are with a kit that consists of a new front and rear body section, new door sills and skins, various lights and hinges, plus a supremely awesome set of rear window louvers. Get yours now in either a ready-to-assemble package for £3,995 (about $5,800) or partially assembled for £7,995 (nearly $12K).

[Source: Ride Cars]

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