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Once again, Tata Motors has confirmed that it plans to launch diesel, electric and compressed air-powered versions of its diminutive Nano microcar. We think that's great, but it's hard to get too excited about the prospect until the standard twin cylinder gas-powered model is actually available.

On the electric front, the Indian automaker has reportedly acquired an interest in a Norwegian electric car company called Miljo Grenland Innovasjon, which could help get a low-speed electric version of the Nano on roadways sooner. Further off into the distance would be versions of the microcar using compressed air technology developed by MDI.

Spokespeople for Tata Motors promise that Nano will enter production sometime before April of this year, with diesel-powered models scheduled to arrive before 2010. If the inexpensive little car ever makes it to U.S. shores, it may happen first as a low-speed electric vehicle, which would mean it wouldn't be subject to the same strict safety standards that more traditional cars must meet.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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