Turn any vehicle into a hybrid with one quick and (relatively... it costs over a grand) inexpensive device? Fuel efficiency increases of 50 percent or more? Count us in! Well, maybe not. The Federal Trade Commission has taken legal action against Dutchman Enterprises LLC and United Community Services of America Inc., makers of the Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell. This product claims to use "water gas" and "longstanding, proven technologies" to offer "incredible savings" and also promises "less dependence on foreign oil."
Too bad it doesn't work. In fact, the FTC's documents claim that there's a net loss of energy when the device is in use. The technology behind these claims is well known, and it supposedly involves extracting hydrogen from distilled water using electricity, among other things. Unfortunately, the laws of physics get in the way, and the FTC, looking to protect consumers, has taken issue with these claims, guarantees and even the name of the product, since it's not really a hydrogen fuel cell at all. Somehow, we seriously doubt that this is the last we'll hear of such products.

[Source: The Press of Atlantic City]

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