With the new XF garnering all the attention, a new 510 horsepower XKR ripping up the streets and a new sportscar – of some sort or another – reportedly on the way, it'd be all too easy to forget about Jaguar's flagship XJ sedan. The range-topper still carries the same basic retro styling theme as it has since before Ford took over, but now that Tata's moved in upstairs, the XJ is due for an overhaul.
Although it's hard to tell much from the spy shots, you can bet Jag design chief Ian Callum has a more aggressive, edgier styling similar to the XF on tap for us.

Expect Jaguar's latest generation of V8s, in normally-aspirated and supercharged form to provide motivation as the big cat gets bigger to take another pounce at the likes of the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class. The new XJ is anticipated to debut later this year – Frankfurt would be a good bet – before it hits the streets for 2010. Follow the link to see the disguised test mule both still images and on video.

[Source: CAR]

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