When applicants were first being interviewed to replace Bill Ford as the top man in the Blue Oval Office, we wonder what exactly the process included. It turns out that in addition to being a pretty good salesman, Alan Mulally is also adept at making house calls. The FoMoCo CEO personally phoned Michael Snapper, a lawyer hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to thank him for purchasing a Ford Fusion Hybrid over a Toyota Prius.

To put this into perspective, could you imagine getting a personal call from Honda's Takeo Fukui, personally thanking you for purchasing a Honda over a Harley? Or from Steve Jobs, congratulating you for choosing an iPod in lieu of a Zune? Ridiculous, no?

If this seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt, well, it's exactly that. Regardless, Ford is a company that can use all the positive pub it can get right now, and a phone call from the very top of the company symbolically sets an example that customer service is among the highest of priorities for the automaker – from the top down.

[Source: Detroit News]

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