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Perhaps Toyota was on to something after all when it argued that the Prius is a more natural competitor to the Fusion Hybrid than the Camry. At least one buyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was cross shopping the two gas sippers and ultimately decided to purchase the Ford instead of the Toyota. That story wouldn't be all that interesting if it weren't for a followup call made by Ford CEO Alan Mulally. That's right, the man at the top of the heap at the Blue Oval actually called Michael Snapper to personally congratulate him and thank him for his patronage. For the record, future Fusion Hybrid shoppers probably have no reason to wait by the phone expecting a similar call.

While this is little more than a publicity stunt, it seems harmless enough. The decision to purchase was already made and it symbolically proves the point that good customer service extends to all employees, right up to the top.

[Source: Detroit News]

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