Click on the image above to watch a video teaser of BMW's forthcoming PAS

BMW seems to enjoy confusing us with new cross-segment body-styles. Next up to bat is the Progressive Activity Sedan, a sort of hatchback version of its upcoming 5 Series, positioned in between the 5-Series sedan and touring models. We've seen the PAS (which hopefully won't turn out to be a PoS) in test mule guise racking up the development miles, but sources now suggest that BMW is preparing to give the quirky concept its press debut at a dedicated event on February 11-12 in Munich.

Lending credence to that notion has been the appearance of an odd video sketch centering on the design philosophy behind the PAS. The video gives precious few details, but it does hint at a dual-access hatchback configuration and illustrates BMW's priorities with the model, most of which center around occupant accommodation. (The video makes alarmingly little mention of driving dynamics).

If the rumored debut dates are true, that's almost a month ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, and it could mean that its public debut will be held there in Geneva after the press has had its fill. Alternatively, BMW could decide to launch the conceptual pre-production PAS in February, the conventional new 5-Series in March at Geneva and wait to debut the production PAS until Frankfurt in the spring. With this kind of gradual reveal in the cards, we're starting to understand what BMW means by "Progressive."

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