It's hard to really picture a raw fascia on a car, but the BMW fan world is mildly atwitter with the leaking of some images of the 2010 5 series bumper. As expected, it looks like a BMW nose, complete with twin kidney grille, wide lower intake, and a spot for the Roundel. The new 5er is likely to share a resemblance with the upcoming Z4 rework, meaning the standard practice of evolving the established style will continue unabated. We'll wait to pass final judgement until we see the nose attached to the rest of the sheetmetal, but the 5 may not tiptoe as near the 2009 7 series' new duds as first thought, though the headlamps may be similar. It seems that BMW's going conservative after taking flak over its design direction.

[Source: BMWBlog]

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