So, we're pretty excited to enter, with you, into AutoblogGreen Version 2.5. It's a fitting time to shift to a sleeker, better AutoblogGreen, what with it being our two-and-three-quarter year anniverary (that's close to 2.5, right?). This is our second visual overhaul, and we hope you like the cleaner front page and the bigger pictures we can now bring you.

Don't worry if you've gotten used to our old look; everything operates pretty much exactly like the blog you're used to. The best change is that our page is now in a two-column format, which means more room for pictures. Our high-resolution galleries have always given you large, glorious pictures, but now you get (some of) that same effect on the main page. We've moved the featured stories links to the top of the page and also on the right, there, with the breaking news box.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and if you happen to notice something that has stopped working, please say something.

Also, all of our previous posts are still in the archives. All of the links to older stories will still work. Our look may be new, but the information we're here to share doesn't go out of date (well...). Thanks for being such regular readers in up to this point; we look forward to continuing to provide you with the freshest, best clean car news from here on out.

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