Production delays are common in the automotive world. Just because we understand (to a degree) the complexities of bringing a car to market doesn't mean we like them. In the green car space, especially, a lot of promises are made and then not delivered on. Looking through the AutoblogGreen archives, we found a lot of posts that listed when a new vehicle or technology was going to be on the market - and realized that those deadlines had not been met.
Whether because of technical problems, protests, off-base financial predictions or a host of other reasons, stuff happens. What doesn't always happen is a look back to see who was saying what. Everyone from the biggest OEM to the small start-ups has been guilty of delaying something here and there. We wish them no further delays, we just wanted to take stock of where we've been - and hopefully get a better idea of where we might be headed. If you're a jaded "heard-all-the-hype-before" kind of person, this is your list. If you're just learning about these vehicles and are trying to understand why a company can announce one thing and then later say another, click the links in each caption to read more about what happened. Ready? Take a look.

Photo (unmixed) by fotologic. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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