VIDEO: How not to wash your new MINI convertible

Click above to watch the 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible brave the car wash with the top down

The new for 2009 MINI Cooper Cabrio is fashionable, ecologically friendly, and ready for open-air fun. While the new MINI drop-top is many things to many people, its still not a good idea to head through a car wash with the top down. That is, unless you're MINI and you're trying to drive home the marketing pitch "Always Open" with a viral video. Hit the jump to view MINI's a minute and a half clib of a brand new MINI Cabrio going through a car wash with the top down. The guys in the car seem to be having a good time, but we're not so sure this looks like much fun. On the flip side, it does kind of satisfy that twelve-year-old urge we once had to go through the car wash in a convertible. Please don't try this at home. Thanks for the tip, Andreas.


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