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The trend towards more fuel efficient automobiles is stretching past its expected economy car roots and into the upper reaches of large luxury vehicles. It could be argued that Lexus started this particular trend with its range of hybrid vehicles, especially the GS 450h and the LS 600h premium sedans. Perhaps the biggest hurdle Lexus needs to overcome to sell its hybrids is their price, since all that extra doohickery adds plenty to the bottom line. Perhaps it's not surprising, then, to hear rumors that Lexus is working on a new version of its LS flagship that will use Toyota's 2GR-FSE 3.5L V6 engine engine in lieu of the pricey hybrid or thirsty V8 options. We'd assume the new model would be named the LS 350.

This particular powerplant has won accolades by combining both port fuel injection and direct injection to produce up to 311 horsepower (315 PS or 232 kW) and is already used in the automaker's IS 350 and GS 350. This engine option in the LS would also allow buyers in some countries to avoid high taxes that are based on the powerplant's displacement.


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