Click above for high-res image gallery of the NASA Lunar Rover concept

NASA paraded its Small Pressurized Rover Concept down the streets of the presidential inauguration last week, and it looks like they're fans of Michael Bay. The lunar rover, which is a rear canopy and a couple of struts away from being the Armadillo drilling unit from the movie Armageddon, is about the size of a pickup truck, and has twelve wheels.

NASA has its eyes on the moon in 2020, and this is the vehicle that will host a succession of astronauts, in pairs, as they explore the lunar cheese surface. The pressurized cabin behind the two spacesuits is an RV that can be lived in for two weeks at a time, driven 625 miles on a charge, get up to 6 mph and climb 40-degree inclines. Predicting the technology we'll be using then, the rover contains a plasma energy chamber and comes equipped with a top-mounted pulse laser battle cannon. Ok, not really. But it should... Check out the gallery of images below.

[Source: Engadget]

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