It has been less than ten days since a tragic accident at a Tacoma, Washingon monster truck show killed a six-year old spectator. Now comes word that a promoter/announcer at a Madison, Wisconsin Monster Nationals event has been killed at a similar event run by a different promoter.
According to reports, George Eisenhart Jr., 41, was hit by a monster truck called Samson during competition. Evidently, Eisenhart was standing in a well that feeds out onto the Alliant Energy Center's floor when he was struck. He was subsequently taken to the University of Wisconsin Hospital, but did not survive.

Unlike last weekend's event, the show in Wisconsin was immediately halted and the subsequent Saturday afternoon show was canceled as well.

Early investigation shows that applicable safety regulations were adhered to during the event, and that neither Eisenhart nor Samson's driver, Daniel Patrick, saw each other in the moments leading up to the accident. County investigators and Madison's Occupational Health and Safety officials are looking in to the matter, but early reports suggest that they have yet to find "any obvious safety issues." Associated Press video coverage available after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Jim.

[Source: Channel3000; Associated Press]

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