There's not much of a shelf life for professional racing drivers. Around the time when the rest of us are just getting our careers started, they're already in their prime. Especially in Formula One: a few years ago, Fernando Alonso set the record of youngest world champion at 24, which was beaten last season by Lewis Hamilton at 23. And while a handful of drivers will stay in the sport into their late 30's or resort to other series after hitting their peaks, most of them, like other sports figures, start their second careers after they're earned their trophies on the race track.
Carlos Reutemann won twelve grands prix over the course of his ten years in F1 with such teams as Ferrari and Williams, but when his racing days were finished, he turned to politics in his native Argentina. Now, after having served as governor of the Santa Fe province and in the National Senate, Reutemann has announced his candidacy for President. Reutemann's conservative policies and ties to former President Carlos Menem have been a source of some controversy, culminating in his being assaulted by an angry mob in 2004. Meanwhile supporters had hoped he would run for the presidency in 2001, but Reutemann opted to remain in the Senate and run in the next elections in 2011 instead. With car journalists running London and racing drivers running for president in Argentina, we don't know what's going on with global politics, but we like it.

[Source: F1-Live]

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