More Reports: Next BMW 1 Series could spawn Super Sport version

You can't please everybody. Customers complain that the current BMW 1 Series is too small, while others say it's too heavy. Some want it to offer more space, while others want it to be sportier. You can't please everybody, but BMW is evidently going to try.

Although the next version of the compact 1 Series is expected, as most new models are, to grow in size, BMW is also reportedly planning a lightweight two-door sport model. Referred to in the interim as the 1 Series Super Sport (to avoid confusion with the original mid-engine M1 exotic), the hot 1 would be a spiritual successor to the '60s-era 2002 (pictured above) and the original '80s-era M3. Motivation could be provided by a turbo- or supercharged four-cylinder driving as much as 300 horsepower through a dual-clutch gearbox, coupled with all the electronic bells and whistles of modern day BMWs for a 0-60 sprint in five seconds flat. With those kind of stats, we hope this is one of those rumors that turns out to be true.

[Source: AutoBild via Motor Authority]

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