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Gruppe5 2002 is a street-legal race-ready BMW 2002 with an 803-hp V10

It gets help from Riley Technologies and Steve Dinan

New kid on the restomod block getting help from Riley Technologies and Steve Dinan.

Jay Leno drives a BMW 2002 with an E30 M3 engine

It couples subtle looks with a loud exhaust.

BMW's 2002 Hommage is a Jagermeister tribute hold the Jager

This turbo master wears an iconic racing livery.

Guys, the BMW 2002 Hommage Concept now says Turbomeister on the sides. Turbomeister!

This 1966 BMW 1600 Neue Klasse lives on the backroads

Petrolicious' latest video uncovers an owner with a passion for '60s BMW sedans. His 1966 1600 is perfectly tuned to handle California's backroads.

Petrolicious carves up the road with a pumpkin-colored BMW 2002

Petrolicious shows the advantages of perseverance in a video about a young man's restoration of a 1976 BMW 2002.

1971 BMW 2002 is a car designer's car

Radu Muntean designs cars for a living. But when he's not putting pen to paper (or mouse to CAD software), he's driving around in this customized 1971 BMW 2002. Hear the story of this car courtesy of Petrolicious.

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What's driving the spike in air-cooled Porsche 911 prices

Speed Academy runs a piece looking at what's driving the skyrocketing prices of air-cooled Porsche 911s. One theory is that Joe-the-Plumber owners are valuing their own high-mileage daily drivers according to the bubble-like prices being asked for pristine, low-mileage examples.

BMW M2 created by marrying 2002 with M3 drivetrain

Marc Norris, owner of the Bavarian Workshop in Southern California, recently built a lucky customer their very own BMW "M2" by combining the chassis of an iconic mid-1970s BMW 2002 with BMW's celebrated race-bred S14 engine from a late-1980s BMW E30 M3.

BMW 02 Series mini-documentary makes us fall in love all over again

BMW's current reputation of building Ultimate Driving Machines can be traced back through history all the way to 1966, when the German automaker introduced the world to its 1600-2 two-door at the Geneva Motor Show. The car's name was simplified in 1971 to BMW 1602, and it went on to spawn the 2002, one of the most famous BMW models of all time.

Watch Petrolicious beautifully profile the Targa California

In terms of classic car rallies, the Targa California is a fairly young event. In it's fourth running, the event is a NASA-sanctioned, non-competitive rally that features classic machinery from 1975 and earlier on a jaunt through some of central California's most beautiful countryside. The three-day event is open to any make and model, right down to vintage pickups, so this is our kind of party. The crew from Petrolicious Productions captured this year's batch of drivers as they wound through th

Cars I See stays with BMW for its second episode

Frazer Spowart told the story of a devoted BMW E30 owner in the first installment of Cars I See. Now for the second episode, the subject is a 1972 BMW 2002 that's lavished with love by Patrick Burns, who's BMW affliction is inherited from his father

BMW 2002 makes for one unique rat rod [w/video]

The enthusiast world typically falls into two camps: those who love rat rods and those that loathe them. As with every corner of automotive world, not all rats are created equally, but we tend to find ourselves firmly rooted in the former camp more often than not. That's especially true when we catch a glimpse of something as perfectly blasphemous as this BMW 2002. Crafted by the twisted min

More Reports: Next BMW 1 Series could spawn Super Sport version

You can't please everybody. Customers complain that the current BMW 1 Series is too small, while others say it's too heavy. Some want it to offer more space, while others want it to be sportier. You can't please everybody, but BMW is evidently going to try.

Confirmed: BMW working on 4 cylinder turbo, may come to U.S.

Click above for high-res photo gallery of the BMW Concept 1 Series tii