While it took months for GM to let the media drive its Volt mule, Ford has wasted no time in giving Bill Vlasic of the New York Times a chance to try out its own all-electric Ford Focus-based prototype. The company just announced the existence of the vehicle a few days ago.

Accompanied by Ford's Nancy Gioia and Barbara Samardzich, the reporter toured the streets of scenic Dearborn, Michigan while asking questions of his two handlers. Given the urban setting for the drive, there were no pedal-to-the-metal or other performance tests that might seek out the edge of the vehicles capabilities but we did learn a few things about the car. It's weight, for example, is a couple hundred pounds more than the gas-powered version and its battery can store 23 kWh of energy. That should be enough to take the car 75 to 100 miles. Bill says it accelerates and handles like a normal car but is more quiet (surprised?). Here's the link to check out this "first drive" for yourselves. We'll have the AutoblogGreen first drive report up in short order.

[Source: New York Times]

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