GM CEO Rick Wagoner with the Levin boys in DC

While we've been sitting here drumming our fingers on the table waiting impatiently to get the call from GM to come over to Milford or Warren, the NBC crew swept into town and went for the first media drive of one of the Chevy Volt/Cruze mules. The report that was on NBC's Today show this morning actually tries to put GM in a good light for a change. Matt Lauer and Phil LeBeau visited the tech center and spoke with Volt design chief Bob Boniface and dropped by a local Chevy dealer. The report wraps up with some too-brief footage of the two gentlemen in one of the Cruze-bodied mules like the one that Rick Wagoner drove during his last visit to DC. You can watch the video after the jump, but since this is American network news, don't expect any significant details. Thanks to Nick for the tip!

[Source: Hulu]

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