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Just when we thought the whole sordid ordeal was over and done with, Jeremy Clarkson has stirred the pot again, this time in print for his regular column at the Times. We're referring once again to the Top Gear review of the Tesla Roadster, which sparked controversy after showing a scene of the electric roadster being pushed into a garage after running out of power... except that it didn't run out of power at all. A bit later, the BBC, which produces the series, admitted that the scene was faked and was meant to depict what would actually happen in the case of a depleted battery pack. Clarkson, though, responded that he wasn't allowed to drive the car into the garage and that was why it was filmed being pushed. Um, right.

After reading Clarkson's review online, it's clear that the biggest problem the TG presenter has with the Roadster is that it's not powered by hydrogen. Clarkson suggests that even if the car were completely flawless, it would still be old-tech, since hydrogen is clearly the fuel of the future as far as he's concerned, and until then, apparently we should all be content with fossil fuels. And on that bombshell, we consider this case officially closed.

[Source: Times Online]

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