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The internet was abuzz after Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson performed the British show's first test of the Tesla Roadster. As expected, the video was full of beautiful images and that distinctly British form of humour. Tesla Motors response to Top Gear's review once again sent the interwebs aflutter, after it was revealed that the TV show may have taken a few liberties with the Roadster's facts, notably when suggesting that the electric car suddenly ran out of juice while racing around the test track, which prompted a truly memorable scene involving the Top Gear crew pushing the Roadster back to the garage to recharge. According to Tesla, the car didn't run out of juice at all. TG, you've got some 'splainin' to do...

According to a statement, Top Gear claimed that it wanted to show what would happen - you knew this was coming, right - IF the Roadster's battery actually had been depleted. Notice, we capitalized the if... 'cause that's one big IF, right? Further, "Top Gear stands by the findings in this film and is content that it offers a fair representation of the Tesla's performance on the day it was tested," said the BBC. We wonder if the term "a fair representation" means something different across the pond, 'cause filming a fabricated scene that puts the Roadster in a negative light doesn't exactly fit our known definition of "fair." Regardless, the flick remains a fun one to watch, and Tesla's probably never gotten more press than it has received from the TG crew's review. Thanks for the tip, Doug!

[Source: Register Hardware]


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