Not that long ago, a lot of gas station owners thought having ethanol in your gasoline was the "cool" thing to do (examples here and here, and there are now over 1,900 E85 stations in the US). One gas station in Albany, NY, though, is advertising its gasoline as "ethanol-free." Why? Bob Haines, who works at the Rhaodes' Service Center, told the local Fox staion that it's because, "Small engines can't cope with ethanol." It's winter time and some gasoline-powered snow blowers get can be damaged by the ethanol in some gasoline. The small percent of humidity that the ethanol absorbs is enough to damage some small engines, as we've heard before. While most car engines are computer-operated and can manage the E10 situation, small and simple engines can't.
The "100% Ethanol Free" gas is appealing even to people who don't operate small engines. Some local motorists are driving the extra mile to fill up with the straight gasoline. Haines himself belongs to the anti-ethanol side, and said, "Come up with something better, boys, because this is not the way to go."

[Source: Fox 23]

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