Cheap ethanol in Iowa Springs tomorrow

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We don't write about Iowa much unless ethanol is involved. Whether it's an proposed ethanol pipeline or ethanol pump label laws, the Hawkeye State is tied to corn ethanol. This post will be no different. In fact, the news here is unsurprisingly similar to an announcement that seems to cross our wires every month or so: cheap E85 at one particular gas station for a few hours.

The details for tomorrow are that a Prairie Gas station in Newton, Iowa will sell E85 for $1.85 a gallon between 2 and 5 pm on Monday. The sponsors include GM, Kum & Go and other likely suspects (full list after the jump). These kinds of promotions will continue throughout the summer, but we'll only be really impressed if a national cheap ethanol day can be organized, if only because that'd be a twist we haven't seen before.

Press announcement:

Green Fuel Savings Spring Forth At Prairie Gas Monday

With gas prices near record highs, owners of flex-fuel vehicles in Newton, Iowa will be lining up for E85 for $1.85 a gallon from 2-5 p.m. on Monday, March 24 at the Prairie Gas station. Located at 4300 S. 22nd Avenue, just off busy Interstate Highway I-80 in Newton, Iowa, the E85 promotion at Prairie Gas is one of the first of many station events and biofuel promotions expected in the upper Midwest this season.

"As gasoline and oil prices rise, so does interest in alternative fuels like E85," said Jessica Zopf, program manager for the Iowa Clean Air Choice Team. "While many people are attracted by the price, other drivers are committed to using a less polluting, largely renewable fuel that's made in the United States."

The event is sponsored by the Iowa Clean Air Choice Team: General Motors, Iowa Farm Bureau, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, Kum & Go, Iowa Corn Promotion Board, Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Stores of Iowa, Iowa Soybean Association, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, Iowa Biodiesel Board and American Lung Association of Iowa.

[Source: Bob from ALAMN]

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