AllSAFE worries about widespread E20 use

AllSAFE, a group representing manufacturers of outdoor power equipment, marine manufacturers, small engine manufacturers as well as motorcycle and automobile manufacturers is warning us about E20. The group released a note stating that it might not be advisable to use mid-level ethanol blends, such as E20, with non-modified engines.
Currently, the EPA only allows a 10 percent maximum blend in "standard" gasoline (E10) at the pump. However the State of Minnesota and the Renewable Fuels Association released recently a feasibility study on upping that to a 20 percent blend in the state.

According to AllSAFE, more testing is needed to determine if E20 is really compatible for engines not originally designed for this fuel, as well as potential harm to catalysts, higher emissions and premature engine failure. AllSAFE also said that up to 240 million conventional vehicles and 100 million small engine products could be potentially affected by these blends. Only flexible fueled vehicles (FFVs) are designed, certified and warranted for use with ethanol blends greater than E10.

[Source: AllSAFE]

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