When building a new factory, especially one as large and complex as an auto manufacturing plant, there are plenty of elements that can throw things off schedule. Scheduling itself, however, is rarely the problem, especially for a German company. But that's the reason why Volkswagen has delayed the groundbreaking ceremony for its new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. According to VW spokespersons, the ceremony is being delayed until March due to several members of the company's management board in Wolfsburg wanting to be present, but can't make it any earlier. (And it's not even Oktoberfest yet!)
However, Volkswagen insists that construction of the $1 billion plant is progressing as planned. This also includes the city's preparations for hosting the factory, refurbishing office buildings downtown, the opening of a new school for the German-speaking children of VW employees, stores and restaurants to cater to the workforce, as well as space for the vendors and suppliers who are expected to come to town to support the factory. In the words of the director of the local development organization, "We're so fortunate that, given the economy and that kind of thing, we have robust employers in downtown." Indeed.

[Source: msnbc.com]

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