Although we ourselves may be guilty of occasionally and ever-so-slightly exceeding the posted speed limits, we cannot condone this conduct as it is potentially dangerous and typically not very "green." However, when Benjamin N., owner of the converted "Electro Metro", found himself slapped with an $83.80 ticket for driving 25 mph in a 15 mph zone (15 mph!!! Some people can walk that fast!) we can sympathize with his impulse to fight the power and confront this injustice before a magistrate.

When the day came to apologize to the court and throw himself at its mercy, the electric car owner had to arrive early in the morning as he had lost the actual ticket and was unsure of the exact time the festivities were to begin. Thus began a series of events deserving of a witty and well-written blog entry which our hero has conveniently posted. Check it out for yourselves and let us know whether you think his "electric car defense" should have been more successful than it was.

[Source: Green Cars: Videos and More! via Ecomodder]

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