VIDEO: Top Gear Australia picks top three movie chase scenes

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Top Gear Australia put together a shortlist of what it considers the three best movie car chase scenes ever: Ronin, Gone in 60 Seconds, and The Matrix Reloaded. Out of those three entrants, we'd probably give Ronin the nod as well, even though DeNiro looks scared and/or sick through most of it, which might be explained by the fact that he's meant to chase down a BMW M5 in a Peugeot 406. Gone in 60 Seconds isn't bad, but the Eleanor and Angelina Jolie are cooler than the actual chase. The Matrix Reloaded is, as far as we're concerned, undeniably cool, but more for the special effects than the lane changing. We wouldn't mind knowing what happened to some of the other choices, classics like Bullitt or The Italian Job or The French Connection to start. And speaking of the French, even though it has only one car that you never saw, our money is still on Claude Lelouche's film Rendezvous for the best car "chase" ever. Follow the jump to check out Top Gear's picks and tell us your own in the comments.

[Source: Top Gear]

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