Click above to watch a video of Rhys Millen preparing for his trophy truck backflip after the jump

We love Red Bull for giving us wings its endless stream of marketing money that supports so many forms of motorsports, although not nearly as much as we admire Rhys Millen for having the testicular fortitude to attempt a backflip in a trophy truck....again. Last year, Millen fractured five vertebrae practicing the very same stunt, although it appears he came away unfazed and is ready to have another go. Understandably, Rhys says he's a "little nervous" about the jump, but that he's ready to jump back in the saddle. The stunt will be shown live on ESPN and ESPN HD on New Year's Eve at 11:00 PM/ET and 8:00 PM/PT along with Robbie Maddison's attempt at a 96 foot vertical jump with a dirt bike. Follow the jump to watch footage of Millen's mishap last year and hear him talk about his upcoming attempt.

[Source: Red Bull USA, YouTube]

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