Rhys Millen injured while practicing truck flip

There's probably a good reason why nobody has launched a truck off a ramp to execute a backflip. Despite that, Rhys Millen wants to be the first to pull it off. However, the dangers are very real and sometimes one's health is more important than the glory. While recently practicing for his Red Bull Experiment, Rhys Millen suffered an unfortunate accident leaving him with five fractured vertebrae. The incident took place after Millen successfully completed the flip three times into a cushion of cardboard boxes. It was the fourth and final jump test that landed him in the hospital. The truck apparently overshot the landing area and hit the ground -- hard. Thankfully, Rhys's injuries are non-threatening and although he won't be performing the trick in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve, he'll be back in action in due time. We wish him well and hope for a full and speedy recovery.

Thanks for the tip.Ray!

[Source: Red Bull]

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