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Will they or won't they build the Chevy Volt? That question has been asked repeatedly and taken on new meaning since General Motors released details of its current financial situation. Another question has popped up as a result: should they? It's no secret that GM is quickly running out of cash, and the Volt program is extremely expensive to maintain. Regardless, GM will continue pressing forward with its extended-range electric car. If engines can't be built in the United States, they'll be imported from Europe. According to top brass at the ailing automaker, under no circumstances will the Volt program be put on hold or delayed.

Of course, questions remain. What if GM doesn't get the money from the Feds that it needs to stave off bankruptcy? That's the big one, but GM believes that it can keep development of the Volt on time regardless. It seems that General Motors will do nearly anything to keep another EV1-sized disaster off its hands.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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