When the Yankees move from the House That Ruth Built to the House The Boss Built next April, General Motors won't be part of the migration. In a move that's not particularly surprising, GM has announced that it will not be re-upping with the Yanks as a sponsor for the 2009 season. The Bronx Bombers aren't the only team that GM is severing ties with – the Pittsburgh Pirates' sponsorship also wasn't renewed, and the Associated Press is reporting that another six expiring Major League Baseball team contracts are "under review." We'd expect those to go "poof" as well, as GM looks to find areas where it can quickly and easily trim spending.
As for the Yankees, there's no need to break out the Kleenex for Team Steinbrenner. They are replacing GM as their official automotive sponsor with both Toyota and Audi. Hey, maybe it's time to bring back an old tradition. R8 bullpen car, anyone? Thanks for the tip, Jack!

[Source: AP via ESPN]

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