Small business owners in the United States are about to get a fresh set of choices for hauling their wares through busy urban areas. Ford has already announced its Transit Connect van, which uses a front-wheel drive layout and a very tall roof to allow for plenty of storage capability in a relatively small package. A new competitor to the Blue Oval has emerged in Nissan, which also plans to attack this smaller end of the commercial vehicle market.
Entrance into the segment will require suitable powerplants, and Nissan has reportedly entered into an agreement with Cummins to supply a range of diesel engines for its vans. We know that Cummins makes an excellent engine, and this move may bring smaller oil-burners to the market than the huge 6.7-liter six cylinder unit that powers various versions of the Dodge Ram. About a third of Nissan's US dealerships are expected to offer the new line of commercial vehicles.

[Source: Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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