Now that Chrysler has heard that it's likely to get an extra shot of green from the Feds, development of its green Dodge EV can continue on as planned. Fortunately for us, spy shooters have managed to snag some shots of the new electric sports car out testing late at night. Although the ISO has been boosted through the roof in an effort to capture the cars in the dark sans head lamps, we can clearly see that Chrysler's been busy adding Dodge-specific styling elements to the Lotus Europa bodyshell that was used for the EV concept. The front-end of the car now looks like it rolled out of the Pentastar styling studios with the corporate crosshair grille present and accounted for, which makes the EV look more like the Demon concept from Geneva in '07. With the help of Lotus, which is donating its engineering expertise to Chrysler's project, and UQM Technologies, which is supplying the electric powertrain, Chrysler may actually be able to shock the world by bringing an electric sportscar to market in 2010.
[Source: Left Lane News]

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