Honda may be a bit behind the latest two-wheeled trends with its upcoming factory chopper motorcycle. The raked-out style had its heyday a couple of years ago with more functional styles making a big comeback as of late, but there is still a market for long, low bikes with fat rear rubber. Just ask Harley and Victory. Interestingly, Honda's production Fury chopper reportedly uses a rather small 1300cc fuel injected V-Twin engine, which we would assume is a descendant of the smaller-displacement VTX line. Either it's air-cooled or Honda's engineers have done an admirable job of hiding the radiator and associated plumbing. We've also been told to expect a shaft drive, hidden rear shock, 200mm rear tire and the bare minimum number of badges. Add in Honda's stellar reliability and this looks like a winner... five years ago. Price? Rumored to be around $13,000, which would make this a major bargain compared to other factory choppers. Maybe there's something to this new bike after all.


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