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Quick! What's the hottest electric car currently on the market? Did you say the Tesla Roadster? You may in fact be right, but there's another contender that you should consider before making up your mind so quickly. The fish-shaped all-electric Tango by Commuter Cars Corporation might not be as much of a looker as the Roadster, but it may be a quicker in a straight line. Need proof? Take a look at the video after the break of a Tango going up head-to-head with a Tesla Roadster to see which green drag-racer came out the victor -- you may be surprised. It bears noting that this particular Roadster was equipped with drivetrain V.1, not the updated 1.5 that would improve performance considerably. For what it's worth, an official record was set by the Tesla Roadster on this pass, though we know the car can do even better. The Tesla's owner and driver, Jorg Brown, also knows that it's got more in it. For an accurate depiction of just how quick Silicon Valley's electric car can be, click here.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]


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