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It takes 15,000 EVs to Tango in Auckland, apparently

Tall and skinny, it can take a while to get used to the looks of the Tango electric car. It doesn't look like anything else on the road, but there are also very few of them to catch your eye. The residents of Auckland, New Zealand might soon get plenty of chances to recognize the tiny two-seater, though, since the group Project Microcar wants the city to buy 15,000 (!) of the little EVs from Commuter Cars

In Detail: Tango T600

In Translogic 46, we take the Tango T600 out for a spin to see if it's a viable transportation alternative or just a really expensive toy. So let's take a deep dive into how it's built and how it could change the roads of the future.

Tandem Tango ready for $2.5 million Automotive X-Prize challenge

All else being equal, Commuter Cars has about a 13 percent chance to win the $2.5 million tandem-seating Alternative Class portion of the Progressive Automotive X Prize with their Tango two-seat electric car. Why, because only seven vehicles are entered in that category and one of the winning considerations will be which vehicle is the fastest – and Sebastian Blanco

Tango EVs being danced out the door by George Clooney's good looks

Why would Google co-founder Sergey Brin order three electric Tango vehicles from a Spokane, Washington company? Because of star power. Actor George Clooney put the maker of the Tango, Commuter Cars Corp., on the map last year when he bought the first of the single-seat electric vehicles. Following Clooney's public lead, Brin and others have been heavy into electric cars recently. Brin is invested in Tesla as well as a

EV startup of the day: Commuter Cars does the Tango

Sometimes it seems like we write about another EV startup company every day here on AutoblogGreen. And yet we apparently can't keep up with all of them. Just yesterday, the day we featured the Evette, AutoblogGreen reader Chris Nelson reminded us about Commuter Cars, the maker of the Tango. We've mentioned the Tango once here, noting that George Clooney owns one. But the tiny Tango deserves another look. In some aspects, it's got what the Tesla Roadster