click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the GM EcoCar

Last year, at the end of the Challenge X, GM announced the EcoCar competition for engineering students at universities in North America to rework a GM vehicle to be better and cleaner. The Challenge X teams worked on Chevrolet Equinoxes, but the EcoCar students will all be re-engineering Saturn Vues. In this first year of the competition, the teams are doing the theoretical design work, including life cycle analysis and mechanical, electrical and control work. Starting in June 2010, when Year 2 kicks off, the teams will get their mule vehicles and get to apply their strategies - whether they're pure electric, hydrogen, hybrid or PHEV. The EcoCar Vue on display here at the EDTA show in Washington, DC, then, isn't any different under the hood, it's just all fancy and decorated on the outside. More details on the EcoCar challenge here and here.

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