We've covered a lot of vehicles being converted from gas to electric and thought it seemed to be a growing phenomenon. Still, we wondered if the recent collapse in gas prices and the economy had affected the trend negatively. We wonder no more. The Associated Press reports that the business of turning your nasty polluter into a clean commuter is still going strong. Kansas converter, Wayne Alexander, says, "It's always been steady, but this is out of hand now." His efforts, as well as those of many others have increased the number of electric cars on America's roads from 56,000 in 2005 to 70,000 today.

Utah-based EV Source LLC confirms the uptick in business. Owner Ryan Bohm says his EV components supply business has grown by a third since summer. "There definitely has been an upturn. A lot of people ask me if business has gone down with the downturn in the economy, but it has stayed really strong," We think if you can't afford a Tesla Roadster, converting a car might be good solution for your local driving needs. Hit the jump for an MSNBC video about Wayne Alexander and the car-converting business.

[Source: Boston.com]

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