Among the videos at the NBC News website, mostly of CEOs and political leaders, there is one video about a company that converts gas cars to run on electricity. This "tiny shop in the middle of Kansas," the NBC News reporter says, "turns out more purely electric cars than any other place in the U.S." The segment includes a 40-year-old black and white video from the Today Show, where the host says electric cars are nothing new, are not golf carts but real cars that operate on the streets. Lots of people are still trying to get that message out today.

I think conversion shops will soon be a thing of the past as the large auto makers become aware of the advantages of electric vehicles. The video includes a converted VW, but VW has said they plan to make every car with an optional hybrid drivetrain. VW has also said if all cars were a hybrid the auto industry would go bankrupt. So, while they might not have a great future, for now, converters do enjoy their moment in the spot light as literally the only source for a normal, affordable, electric car.

[Source: NBC News]

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