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Aptera is making more changes than adding side mirrors to the 2e. The company announced two new members of the management team today: Tom Reichenbach, formerly of Ford, and David Oakley, formerly at Callaway Golf. Aptera's official statement says these men fit the plan to hire "the brightest minds from all industries" and they bring specific strengths to the new company.

Reichenbach's 26-year Ford experience includes developing on-board electronic systems and the first fuel injection system on a Champ Car. He also did a lot of work with Ford Racing, something that Aptera President and CEO Paul Wilbur said, "will be invaluable as we begin the climb to the top of the electric and hybrid vehicle industry." Oakley worked on, "manufacturing, supply-chain, engineering, quality, facilities, and distribution and warehousing" for Calloway and it's his experience in refining the production steps that got him hired.

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Seeking 'the brightest minds from all industries," electric vehicle builder hires pair of execs with experience ranging from Ford and Formula One racing to Callaway Golf

VISTA, Calif. (Dec. 1, 2008) -- As the first all-electric vehicle from Aptera Motors nears final production, the Southern California start-up continues to broaden its management team. Following his edict to hire the brightest minds from all industries, Aptera President and CEO Paul Wilbur announced that Tom Reichenbach, with nearly three decades of engineering experience at Ford and in motorsports, and David Oakley, with manufacturing experience accrued at Callaway Golf, are the newest additions to the management team for the Vista, Calif.-based vehicle manufacturer.

Reichenbach, who becomes Aptera's chief engineer, spent 26 years at Ford, where he developed on-board electronic systems for Ford Racing and the first fuel injection system on a Champ Car. He also served as vehicle dynamics supervisor for Ford Racing, providing tech support to Winston Cup, Trans Am and Formula One teams, and he was assistant chief engineer on projects that included the Ford GT and Ford Racing.

Oakley, an expert in the concepts of "Synchronous Flow" and the Toyota Production System, joins as Aptera's Vice President of Manufacturing. Prior to coming to the company, he spent nearly eight years at Callaway Golf. As Callaway's Senior Vice-President of Golf Club Operations, he was responsible for golf club manufacturing, supply-chain, engineering, quality, facilities, and distribution and warehousing. Before joining Calloway, Oakley spent five years as a consultant on process optimization, plant layout, and supply chain management for companies that included Roman Haas and Fieldcrest Cannon.

"Tom and David are two of the sharpest, most imaginative minds around," says Wilbur. "Tom's wide-ranging motorsports background and accomplishments at Ford Racing will be invaluable as we begin the climb to the top of the electric and hybrid vehicle industry. And David's experience in high volume manufacturing, which includes automating the golf club assembly process through robotics and spot automation as well as overseeing the development more than 6,500 independent SKUs, will be crucial as we refine our manufacturing strategies and supply chain management."

Aptera recently opened its second facility in the north San Diego suburbs, where the company will ultimately rollout its first pre-production vehicle, the all-electric 2e. The two-seat 2e, slated for full production in 2009, offers consumers fuel efficiency levels that are the equivalent of up to 300 miles per gallon.

"Paul has brought in a truly professional team, which is a key component for financial growth, and we now have an ideal blend of automotive know-how and tech sector savvy," says Aptera Chairman of the Board Bob Kavner, the former CFO of AT&T who's served on a number of boards, including Idealab, Earthlink Networks, Sun Microsystems, FleetBoston Financial and Duracell International. "Each person in our creative, highly-experienced management lineup has handled successes and challenges in their respective industries. They understand the value of teamwork and are dedicated to producing an ultra-efficient aerodynamic vehicle that redefines the automotive marketplace."

The Aptera Motors management team includes: Paul Wilbur, CEO; Laura Marion, CFO; Marques McCammon, Chief Marketing Officer; Tom Reichenbach, Chief Engineer; David Oakley, VP of Manufacturing; Neil Hanneman, Chief Development Engineer; David Sweitlik, Executive Director of Purchasing; Kathy MacDougal, VP of Human Resources; Steve Fambro, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer; and Chris Anthony, co-founder and Composites Operations Officer.

About Aptera
Aptera Motors (, founded in 2004 to develop and build the safest, most energy efficient commuter vehicles on the road, begins volume production of its first vehicle, the all-electric 2e, in 2009. Utilizing streamlined aerodynamic design, lightweight composite structures and unique drive systems, Aptera delivers vehicles that are attainable and efficient. The company operates two facilities in north San Diego County (in California), where it designs, engineers and manufactures the vehicles and their composite systems to create an exceptionally strong, sleek body.

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