It takes more then cool new cars to move America to a nation of electric cars. Coulomb Technologies, the company behind the "Smartlet" charging stations, announced today that its resellers can now be found in 28 states. Public charging stations like the Smartlets are key pieces of an EV infrastructure, since there are about five times as many vehicles in the US as there are garages (247 million cars vs. 53 million garages). Coulomb's chargers are designed to (one day) work with vehicles from GM, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, BMW and Nissan. Coulomb Technologies will be in DC this week for the EDTA show, and we'll get some more information on the reseller program there. For now, there's some background details on Coulomb's plans here.

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Charging Station Technology Showcased at EDTA Show December 2-4, 2008 in Washington, DC

Washington, DC (December 1, 2008) – Extending the future of sustainable transportation, Coulomb Technologies today announced they have expanded their reseller program to 28 US states. Resellers throughout the United States are tapped with building the infrastructure rollout for extended range electric vehicles (EREV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and all battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The wide range of infrastructure products are designed to support electric vehicles from automobile manufacturers including General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, BMW and Nissan. Coulomb products include networked public chargers in a wide range of powers and sizes that serve both high-end utility and consumer needs. Coulomb will be showcasing their networked charging stations at the EDTA conference December 2 – 4, 2008 at the Washington, DC Convention Center booth 810.

"We are pleased that our distributors will be marketing and installing our infrastructure in more than half of the United States," said Richard Lowenthal, chief executive officer at Coulomb Technologies. "The time has come to pave the way for a new generation of vehicles that significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enable US drivers to have a significantly lower cost fuel."

Coulomb Technologies sells, installs, and services the Smartlet™ Networked Charging Station product line through exclusive Regional Distributors. Regional Distributors are responsible for identifying host parking property owners within their respective regions to ensure that plug-in vehicles will have charging infrastructure in public access areas. The Regional Distributor is authorized to engage with second tier resellers, installers, and maintenance companies to ensure coverage of their entire region. Companies that are interested in being resellers, installers, or maintenance organizations should contact the Distributor in their area. These include:

* Northeast: Green Power Technology, LLC
Contact: Jerry Reich CEO
Contact Number: 937-546-6141

* Southeast: NovaCharge, LLC
Contact: Helda Rodriguez, President
Contact Number: 866-417-9995

* West: Zero Emission Solutions (formerly Clean Fuel Connection, Inc.)
Contact: Enid Joffe
Contact Number: 626-445-1445 ext. 12
URL: or

* Mountain: EV-Charge America Ltd.
Contact: Russell L. Lord
Contact Number: 702-516-1090

"We are seeing a great demand for EV infrastructure from government agencies, municipalities and corporations," said Enid Joffe of Zero Emission Solutions. "Coulomb has developed Smartlet Networked Charging Stations that are a streamlined and seamless solution that gives our customers a new revenue source. This will help to reduce our dependency on foreign oil."

Coulomb expects to sign additional Regional Distributors to cover the Midwest and Texas as well as Canada by Q1 of 2009.

About Coulomb Technologies, Inc.
Coulomb Technologies, headquartered in Campbell, Calif., offers a family of products and services that provide a plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure, which includes Smartlet Networked Charging Stations ranging in capability from 110V 15A to 220V 80A AC charging to 120KW DC charging. Coulomb applies networking technology to the challenge of charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in order to fuel the electric transportation industry. Coulomb's ChargePoint™ Network addresses the needs of drivers, utilities, governments, and parking space owners. For more information, please visit

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