While it's true that we have posted before about extraordinary performances turned in by the batteries of Altairnano before, in light of the recent claim by AFS Trinity that lithium ion batteries in a plug-in hybrid could only achieve 25,000 miles (unless the energy was buffered by ultracapacititors as it is in the AFS design), we thought you might particularly enjoy hearing about a recent test conducted by other entities. The utility company Southern California Edison (SCE) has been putting a battery from Johnson Controls-Saft through its paces for some two and a half years now and have just released some of their results thus far. Simulating the conditions that might be experienced within a light commercial van, the utility has so far racked up 180,000 miles on the pack with minimal deterioration. The results were positive enough for the Department of Energy (DOE) to throw down for a full size battery to test whether it would be suitable for a passenger car. Since it was stated in AFS Trinity's press release that CEO Edward Furia was unaware of the existence of such a durable lithium ion battery, we respectfully suggest he call up SCE for confirmation.

[Source: Canadian Driver]

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