Altair's lithium titanate battery finishes 500th full depth cycle

Altair Nanotechnologies announced this week that the new lithium titanate battery it is developing for the U.S. Navy has completed its 500th full depth cycle and, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, lost just one percent of its total capacity. The Navy (thanks to U.S. taxpayers) is paying Altair $2.5 million for these batteries. While not destined for any vehicles, the Navy's goal with the battery program is to reduce dependency on expensive jet fuel used in back-up turbines and, through that, to reduce carbon emissions. Altair also has a history with Phoenix Motor Cars and their all-electric SUV and SUT.
More details on the Altair and the Navy's lithium titanate battery are available here. Altair is also developing batteries for the Army's "M119 105mm lightweight gun digitization program."

[Source: Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.]

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